The Art Cafe' Collection
Cass Corridor Artists

David Barr -Construction 3 yellow

Allan Hebert -Muaishatung1

Un-attributed: listed as 'Cabot'
Cass Corridor ceramic

Charles Kohl -Sun

R.Neil -Skip rope

R.Neil -With dove

Detroit Artist's Workshop 1960 -1975

In 1960 or 1961, John Sinclair organized Cass Corridor artists, musicians and writers into a collective dedicated to co-operative advancement of the arts in Detroit. Founding members included Robin Eichle, Nancy Madison, Alister MacKenzie, Billy Reid, the MC 5, Stephen Ligosky, Richard "Toby" Tobias, Ken "Jumbo" Schooner, Jim Siemark, Charles Moore, Ellen Phelan, and others. The Artist's Workshop was successful in providing public venues for member concerts, poetry readings, gallery shows, publishing and other cultural events.

Richard Tobias