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We are seeking support in many areas including memorial gifts and endowments. Please ask your Art Cafe Art Center representative to discuss the many ways that we can help you with your special gift needs.

>Art Exhibitions Art and Education Programs

The Art Cafe attracts local, national and international artists. Monthly shows of cutting edge work take place at our downtown art center. Our year-round Word Theatre program serves hundreds of students with classes for children, teens, and adults taught by professional artists in many types of media. No one is turned away for lack of means.

>General Operating Funds and Equipment Staff Development / Volunteer Development
General operating needs such as office and art equipment and supplies, are necessary for the continued success of our organization. Staff training and development is essential to a forward strengthening our art center.

>Art Collection & Annual Exhibit Program
The Art Cafe collection has a wide variety of artworks that are on exhibit online and at the Art Cafe gallery room. This body of work constitutes an important cultural heritage that requires preservation. Our Annual Exhibit program allows artists to display artworks to the public on an annual basis. This program is currently being developed to provide services that benefit member artists, the community, and the Art Center.

>Community Technology Project
Technology funds provides artists access to wireless internet technology at the Art Cafe. Our kiosk requires some minor repair to be used for community events in our sculpture garden area. Funds received will go towards technical support.

>Word Theatre Artist Grants
Grants are rewarded to needy artists so they can showcase and create their artworks. The fund is still being developed. When funding becomes available the sooner it will grow in service and strength. Funding is also needed to support afterschool programs and workshops.

>Publications Artists' Facilities
Newsletters, brochures, and class schedules are printed regularly for publicity, outreach and development. Art Center hosts workshops and space for working artists and art teachers - these Print, Paint, &

>Photography Studios need equipment and repair.

>Building Renovation Fund Funding is needed for us to make renovations to our art center as well as our permanent historic landmark space. We need funds to acquire $800,000 to renovate a permanent building that will allow us to host large tours, multiple classes, art garden, and more.