Art Cafe Wish List

How can I support the Art Cafe? You can help by making a donation by mail or email.
The following is a list of items we currently need for the artists in our programs:
You can make a cash donation, too. To mail out your donation:
Submit your check through paypal listed on The Art Cafe's homepage or mail it directly to our art center.
Other items need approval-send an email with a description of your item to for approval.

In Kind Donations:

- Volunteers with these skills: Arts, Marketing, Teaching workshops, Performance Artists, Grantwriting, Poetry, Acting, Radio, Film & Television, Accounting, Law, etc.
-Ceiling enhancement tiles
-A local shop who is willing to advertise art by our artists on their building
- Operational Support Donations
- Chair Rental

Arts & Crafts Supplies:

- Mat Board, Bulletin Board, Paintbrushs, Acrylic & Watercolor Paints, Display Exhibit System, Canvas, Frames-Small & big!!!, Canvas Board, Foam Board or Foam Core, Easels, Casemat Board, Sculpey, Fimo Clay, Clay, Construction Paper, CD-RW, Graphic Arts Table, Paper Rolls, Floor & Carpet Protector, Toastmaster Oven, Lightbox or Light Table, Brush Holders, Floor & Art Books, Art Videos, Folding Chairs.
We also need several more frames with matting at these measurements:
2 frames approximately 29 1/4" wide X 23 1/4" H
3 frames with an exact measurement of 36"Wide X 44" H

Computers & Equipment:

- Mac G4 & IBM Computers
- Computer Software: Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Quicken, Bryce, Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Spreadsheets, Dreamweaver, Pro Tools.
- Zip disks, CD-RW's & Floppy Disks - Zip Drive - Computer Camera


- Bulbs: qty of 6 R30 75W bulbs & qty of 14 R-50W bulbs
- Speakers
- Portable Projector Screens
- Musical Instruments
- Gift Certificates (ex. WalMart)
- Tickets to Cultural Events,movies, etc.
- CD Player & headphones
- Educational Supplies & Equipment
- Office Supplies
- Iron Wrought Flower Box

If you would like to donate any other items of value not stated on this list, please don't hesitate to send them to us.

The items may either be mailed to The Art Cafe at:

The Art Cafe
217 Shoppers Alley
Davison MI 48423

Or, if you wish for The Art Cafe to arrange for delivery, please call us at: 1-248-210-0862
send us an email at: